Dear Readers,

Taking a close look at the agenda, you will surely notice that the second part of the show and sport season is rather busy !

Over the next three to four months, not less than 4 major FCI Championships will take place:

From 17 to 19 June, the European Lure Coursing Championship will take place in Velke Pole (Slovak Republic). It is a unique opportunity to enjoy this very specific and enthusiastic atmosphere of racing dogs major championships (info:

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Yves De Clercq
FCI Executive Director
The FCI newsletter turns 5! Anniversary quiz

The FCI newsletter turns 5! Anniversary quiz

The FCI newsletter ( has been published online every two months, since January 2011.

Happy 5th birthday, FCI newsletter!

Take the quiz; if you are among the 5 first to answer the 10 questions correctly (all the answers can be found in the FCI newsletters), you will receive the special "FCI newsletter 5th anniversary pack" from the FCI General Secretariat. Deadline for participation in the contest: May 31st, 2016 - 23:59 Belgian time (after this date, you can still take the quiz, just for fun!).

Make sure you have identified yourself before you submit your answers ;-)

Enjoy and good luck!

What is the name of the city proclaimed World Capital of Dogs by its Town Council in 2011?




Where was the dog show of the FCI Americas and the Caribbean Section held in 2012?


Puerto Rico


Who was the author of the very first FCI newsletter's editorial, published in January 2011?

Hans Müller

Rafael de Santiago

Yves De Clercq

What is the French name of Tintin's Wirehaired Fow Terrier in Hergé's The Adventures of Tintin?




What is the ancient Moche word for the Peruvian Hairless Dog?




When will the International Day of the Search and Rescue Dogs be celebrated in 2016?

24 April

2 October

18 December

When did the Spanish canine organisation celebrate its 100 anniversary?




What is the name of the FCI's mascot?




What was the title of the FCI symposium organised in Brussels, in November 2011, in the framework of its 100 anniversary?

Dog and Man: quo vadis? Knowledge and perspectives

Dog and Man: alea jacta est! Present and Future

Dog and Man: ars gratia artis? Now and then

Where and when was the FCI Youth initiative approved by the FCI General Committee?

Brussels, 11-12 November 2011

Amsterdam, 3-4 November 2014

Dortmund, 14-15 February 2015