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Taking a close look at the agenda, you will surely notice that the second part of the show and sport season is rather busy !

Over the next three to four months, not less than 4 major FCI Championships will take place:

From 17 to 19 June, the European Lure Coursing Championship will take place in Velke Pole (Slovak Republic). It is a unique opportunity to enjoy this very specific and enthusiastic atmosphere of racing dogs major championships (info:

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Yves De Clercq
FCI Executive Director
Japan Kennel Club’s Excellent Works of the JKC Dog Picture Contest 2015

The Japan Kennel Club is doing wide range of activities nationwide to promote the spirit of love for animals. We think it especially necessary to cultivate children’s sound sentiment in their early time in order to nurture compassionate children with warm heart. As part of this activities, we have been conducting the “JKC Dog Picture Contest” every year especially for the children in elementary schools.

For the 2015 edition of this contest, we received 10,196 drawings.

We would be most grateful if this could contribute to your club’s activities of promoting the spirit of love for dogs.

Takemi Nagamura
JKC President

The FCI General Secretariat is always very enthusiastic about the promotion of this wonderful and amazingly successful initiative.

Please find the 4 highest prize-winning drawings for the 2015 edition.

Agricultural Production Bureau Director-General’s Prize

Ms Ruka Miyashita (11 years old)

“The dog in my drawing is my 2-year old male Italian Greyhound, Genie. When I first saw him, I was surprised to see such a skinny rare breed, but I soon got attached to him for his sweet character. He runs very fast and is very active. I love to play with him every day. This drawing describes my dream to freely run with Genie at the large open space with great view and clean air. I hope this dream comes true in the near future.”

JKC President’s Prize

Ms Nanae Tsuzuki (6 years old)

“I have never actually owned a dog, but I really do love dogs. Whenever I see dogs out for a walk with their owners on the streets or parks, I always ask the owners if I can pet them. When the owners say Yes, their dogs come up to me wagging their tail and let me pet their head or under jaw. It makes me so happy, I often forget the time. A girl in my drawing is me, so happy with petting a cute dog surrounded with beautiful tulips. I really hope to have my own dog one day.”

Highest Excellent Prize

Ms Yuki Tani (8 years old)

“My drawing describes my memory of camping I went with my family in the summer. My family often takes our dog to the camping with us, and we have much fun with other families’ dogs at the camp site playing ball. The white dog in my drawing is my dog, Shanti taken for a walk by my little brother. Shanti has been with our family from even before I was born. She is now 10 years old and I really hope that she will be with us for years to come.”

Highest Excellent Prize

Ms Nana Yamaguchi (14 years old)

“My drawing describes a girl having fun, running with a dog like a friend. I have a 16-year old dog, Uni and a 14-year old one, Pietro, who have been with our family even before I was born. They cannot run around much because of their age, but they get along each other very well and keep each other company. Although they do not speak our language, my worries go away just by holding them and feeling their warmth. Dogs are so precious to me, always there whenever I am sad or happy. I want to continuously draw happy dogs.”

Congratulations to all the participants and to the Japanese canine organisation!

Marie Luna Durán
FCI Marketing and Public Relations Manager