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Taking a close look at the agenda, you will surely notice that the second part of the show and sport season is rather busy !

Over the next three to four months, not less than 4 major FCI Championships will take place:

From 17 to 19 June, the European Lure Coursing Championship will take place in Velke Pole (Slovak Republic). It is a unique opportunity to enjoy this very specific and enthusiastic atmosphere of racing dogs major championships (info:

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Yves De Clercq
FCI Executive Director
In memoriam

The FCI General Committee was truly sorry to hear of the loss of Mr Hans Lehtinen. He was a great and appreciated person and a most valuable judge. He was a real asset to Finnish cynology and to the world of pure-bred dogs!

The well-known Finnish all round judge and Honorary Member of the Finnish Kennel Club, Mr Hans Lehtinen passed away on Tuesday the 1st of March due to a serious illness. He was a very respected judge all over the world and was known for his phenomenal eye for dogs. He judged around the globe and at many of the most important shows like the FCI World Dog Show and FCI Section Shows as well as Crufts, the Royal Shows in Australia and shows like Santa Barbara in USA. He judged the Best In Show at the FCI World Dog Show 2014 in Helsinki, Finland. Mr Lehtinen was a mentor for many new judges as well as for numerous judges learning new breeds. He was a member of different committees of the Finnish Kennel Club and had positions in several breed clubs and associations. His contribution to the dog sport in Finland and abroad has been immense and he will be greatly missed by many dog enthusiasts around the world.


Rafael de Santiago
FCI President

In memoriam

I am very sad and upset to announce to all those who knew and loved Tibor Gellén that he left us tragically, so suddenly.

In late March, accompanied by his family, he gladly travelled to the Luxembourg International Dog Show, but when stepping into the show ring, he became ill and, unfortunately, did not recover.

It is a tremendous loss for his family, his friends and for us all, Hungarian doggy people.

He was the dreamer and founder the Szombathely-Oberwart dog shows; he organised the Hungarian side of the exhibition, which took place through decades with his enthusiasm, with great success.
Despite of his elder age, judging at dog shows always made him very happy.

Recently, I was talking to him on the telephone and he happily informed me about travelling to Luxembourg. I would never have imagined that this would be was the last time I could wish him a good journey.

Now, I say goodbye for the last time to a good friend, who left us a legacy of respect and love, with his family love, hospitality and with his being an honourable true Hungarian.

Rest in peace!

András Korózs
President of the Hungarian Kennel Club

In memoriam

The FCI General Committee is deeply sorry about the decease of FCI judge Mr Enrique FILIPPINI. Our condolences to his family and to the Federación Cinológica Argentina.

Rafael de Santiago
FCI President

In memoriam

On April 6th, 2016, one of the Honorary Members of the FCI General Committee, Mr Uwe Fischer, left us at the age of 77 after finally losing his long fight against the disease.

Uwe Fischer was a member of the FCI General Committee from 1997 until 2009. He also was the President of the VDH between 1990 and 2006.

Uwe Fischer was a great personality in the dog world. He proved to be a very competent, clever and particularly active cooperator.

We shall all miss him badly.

On behalf of the FCI General Committee, I would like to express my deepest condolences to his wife, Karin, and to his family.

R.I.P dear Uwe

For the FCI General Committee and the FCI Staff

Rafael de Santiago
FCI President

Working Group for Restructuring the FCI – Follow up

The Working Group for Restructuring the FCI (WGRF), whose first meeting was held in Madrid on January 13th, held its second meeting in Lisbon on 27-28 April, 2016. The working group appointed earlier this year by Rafael de Santiago, the FCI President, went through the points on the agenda of a very productive meeting in the most positive state of mind. FCI’s statutes and Standing Orders were examined and fully discussed, point by point, with the clear intention of modernising them. The last and final meeting of the WGRF is planned in September, aiming at completing the proposal to be submitted to the General Committee. All the members of the group declared themselves very satisfied and proud of the good job done.

Yves de Clercq
FCI Executive Director
J. Hindse
President of the WGRF

From left to right : Yves De Clercq (FCI Executive Director), Ruth Wirtz (FCI Legal Counsellor), Peter Friedrich (German canine organisation), Carla Molinari (FCI Treasurer), Cristian Stefanescu (Romanian canine organisation), Jorgen Hindse (President of the WGRF), Eeva Anttinen (Finnish canine organisation), Gerard Jipping (FCI Vice-President), Augusto Benedicto Santos (President of the FCI Section Asia and the Pacific) and José Luis Payró (President of the FCI Section the Americas and the Caribbean).

Dogs, helping people, changing society

Join us on 28 June in Brussels to celebrate the importance of dogs to our daily lives.......and bring your dog along!

Visit the FCI stand at a selection of dog shows in 2016 !

23-26 June - World Dog Show in Moscow (RU)
26-28 August - Brussels (BE)
27 November - Malaga (ES)
9-11 December - Amsterdam (NL)

As usual you will have the opportunity to take our quiz and try to win Cobby, the FCI mascot !

We look forward to meeting you!


FCI European Lure Coursing Championship 2016

17-19 June 2016, Vel'ké Pole, Slovakia

World Dog Show 2016

Moscow - Russia - 23-26 June

FCI Euro Sighthound 2016

26 August 2016, Brussels, Belgium

European Dog Show 2016

26 - 27 - 28. August 2016, Brussels, Belgium

Europa Cup (Inter VGP)

2 - 4 September 2016, Rozvadov, Czech Republic